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January 1-March 31, 2024 Quarterly Update

By April 18, 2024April 25th, 2024No Comments

Church Family,

It’s been a tremendous start to 2024. We’ve witnessed an abundance of celebrations for First Pres during these first three months of the year. This congregation hosted and participated in events such as:

First Pres Vision Event and Annual Meeting on February 4th – welcoming Jen Bradbury to the staff and into the lives of our children.

Commitment Sunday on March 17th – a celebratory day and unique communion experience where we served each other.

Palm and Easter Sunday on March 24th and March 31st – encouraged and inspired by the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Sanctuary Renovation began on April 1st ushering in a brand-new era for First Pres. Notably, our pews, which have been a blessing to us for many years, are now a blessing to others. They found a new Church home; serving young and growing congregations in Washington State and Elgin, Illinois.

First Pres pews at Elk Community Church in Elk Washington

Pew Removal Crew

Keeping the celebrations coming, I am excited to share some uplifting news regarding the ALL IN initiative. 20 households made an ALL IN financial commitment for the first time this year and of those, 6 households had never previously given to First Pres. There was a diverse range of ages reflected as people as young as 8 and as seasoned as 94 submitted commitment cards. Additionally, we’re grateful to report that 18 households have chosen to increase their financial commitment for the second year of ALL IN. Dozens and dozens of people in our congregation re-committed themselves to their financial commitment from a year ago. We had a total of $5,506,002 in commitments and expected gifts. This is a journey we are on together and we are so thankful for your support.

Please remember to visit our ALL IN website for the latest information on ALL IN, and how God is impacting the lives of our church community.

Chris Griggs