Student Ministries

Jr. High and High School programs encourage students and point them to Christ.

Through Student Ministries, we hope to give students an onramp to adulthood, preparing them to participate fully in life. We want them to be socially and emotionally engaged, able to identify how God is at work in their lives. Students love our weekly gatherings (TNT and Inferno), Confirmation (8th grade), retreats, and summer programs.

Junior High


At TNT, our Wednesday evening junior high program, students connect with God, the church, leaders who care for them, and fellow middle schoolers. We spend our evenings engaging the person of God by means of friendship, worship, community, and the stories of Jesus. After this teaching time we split into small groups to discuss how it affects our lives.

Wednesdays Sept-May, 6:30-8:30 pm, Gym.
Dinner is available for $5.


Confirmation is for 8th graders who want to become members of the church. This year-long class is a time of discussion, learning and refining thoughts about the Bible, the church, and Jesus Christ. During the process, Confirmation students meet weekly, attend two retreats, develop a relationship with a mentor in the congregation, and write a statement of faith.

Sundays, 4-5 pm under the tent in the NE parking lot
Registration opens in June for the September-May program.


Retreats give junior high students an incredible opportunity away from home together. Through uninterrupted hours of shared experience travelling, playing games, eating meals, and having discussions, students will get to know leaders, a friend group, and will experience God’s love for them through these connections.

High School


Inferno offers a welcoming environment specifically designed for a high school student—it’s a place they can belong while trying on who they are. Here, participants have an opportunity to try on what it means to be a Jesus follower. Students hear about and discuss the person and character of Jesus reflective of the Biblical narrative, and they see how it applies to their life today.

Sundays Sept-May, 7-8:30 pm, Youth Lounge.

Register and complete waiver online.

Life Group

During this summer program, smaller groups of students are set up based on availability and meet in people’s houses. It offers far less structure than Inferno, typically with a topic-based discussion that is shaped by questions and student interest.

Student Worship Team

Students who are musically curious are invited to participate on the student worship team, where they can practice and learn what it means to be a worship leader.


The multiple retreat opportunities offered throughout the year give students a chance to spend around 48 hours together with fellow students and leaders. Through a bus or van trip, games, service, and discussions about faith and the person of Jesus, students walk away from retreats knowing their leaders and a solid friend group, and with memories over an incredible shared experience.

Blake Riboli

Director of Student Ministries

Blake leads Junior High and High School Ministries. He is passionate about meeting students where they are at, creating safe and open spaces for discussion, finding opportunities for fun, and understanding the person of Jesus.

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