More than Sunday

Living faith in today’s world.

First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn is committed to helping people live out their faith anywhere and everywhere. We are an active, Christ-centered community with events and gatherings, missions, small groups, and study opportunities that take place every day, all the time. And we want more for you—more opportunity for personal growth, more connection, more serving and missions, and more ways to expand your knowledge and deepen the foundation of your faith.

We invite Christ to move in our lives through missions, family, study, and relationships. Whether you serve with one of our Engage mission partners, participate in family programming, join a small group, or take advantage of one of our many education opportunities, we celebrate that your faith is about more than Sunday mornings.

Mission Statement

First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn is an externally focused community of unique and ordinary people, seeking to prioritize the life of discipleship as together with Christ we:

  • Participate in God’s transforming work in our own lives and families
  • Bless our community with an invitation to a reordered life, guided by God’s written word
  • Make known the love of Christ through words and works of justice, compassion, kindness, mercy and worship, and
  • Exhibit and proclaim the Gospel by living in relationship with Jesus and sharing the Good News with others.


Relying on God’s grace, as individuals and as a church, we seek to live by these equally important values:

  • Transformation.
    With gratitude for Christ’s work in our own lives, we pursue continuing transformation for ourselves and for all those impacted by First Presbyterian Church, of Glen Ellyn.
  • Scripture.
    Our life together is anchored in the study of God’s word revealed in Scripture.
  • Unity.
    Through our shared experience of Christian faith, community, and worship, we are part of a movement grounded in a unity that embraces and celebrates extraordinary variety; one body with many parts.
  • Visible Faith.
    In our families, our schools, our workplaces, our community, and our world, we seek to personally experience and publicly express the way of Jesus.
  • Compassion.
    Responding to Christ’s call and the needs around us, we seek to serve and love in his name by expressing justice and mercy, locally, regionally and globally.
  • Witness.
    We count it a privilege to share the good news of the gospel and to invite others into the abundant life in Jesus Christ.
  • Relationships.
    Recognizing that healthy relationships are no accident, we work intentionally to cultivate Christ-centered relationships, strong marriages, healthy families, and transformative friendships.