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MissionsFest 2021: How Will You Give, Serve, Love?

By May 19, 2021June 1st, 2021No Comments

On Sunday, May 23, First Pres launched MissionsFest 2021 – a great opportunity to re-energize your engagement with our mission partners and serve the world! Though we are called to serve the world each day, this is a special time at First Pres when we focus more closely on our mission partners and how we can serve them with our time, talent, and treasure.

Traditionally called “53rd Sunday,” this is a time when members pledge an “extra” gift to our mission partners, above and beyond the regular giving we each provide all year. We are encouraging this same generosity, and retain the spirit and purpose of 53rd Sunday, including providing matching funds to make your gift go farther.

This year we’re excited to introduce MissionsFest 2021 which extends this celebration of our Partners for four weeks. We invite you to not only continue to give financially, but also meet our partners “up close” to explore the unique ways you can engage with their work. Especially after the challenges of the past year, the world needs the unique gifts you possess!

Don’t miss:

  • Double your impact! During May, all first-time gifts to Missions will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $500. We want to encourage newcomers and first-time givers to get involved! All gifts received will be matched with proportional funds in May from our Missions Council.
  • “Meet” our great mission partners! Watch new videos from our partners to see the important work they do in Glen Ellyn and around the world, and find that place where you can get involved.
  • Join the MissionsFest team! Work alongside friends old and new to begin planning a great MissionsFest celebration for next year, when we hope our partners will visit First Pres in person, and will host a lively month-long celebration that engages First Pres and the whole surrounding community.

First Pres has built relationships with a broad range of Christian missions locally, nationally and globally. They can offer you life-altering service opportunities – from global trips to local tutoring.

So however you Give, Serve, and Love, we encourage you to get involved this month – we want you to become part of the active movement of people endeavoring to love and serve the world that Jesus came to love and serve. It will be a rich journey that lasts a lifetime.

Visit the Missions website page to learn more about our partners, and contact Missions Elders Erik Peterson or Keith Mote if you have any questions.

Click HERE to give a financial gift today to grow your impact during our special matching gift time!