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Tuesday Notes

Know the Theologians | David and Jennifer McNutt

By April 9, 2024May 16th, 2024No Comments

On Sunday, April 7th David and Jennifer McNutt hosted an event for their new book Know the Theologians at First Pres Glen Ellyn.

Know the Theologians (Zondervan) reflects upon the contributions of sixteen different theologians to the Christian faith across the centuries to help readers know their family of faith better. Co-authors Jennifer Powell McNutt and David McNutt will shared what we can learn from those who have walked before us as followers of Christ and what it was like to write a book together! 

Jennifer Powell McNutt (Ph.D., St Andrews) is Franklin S. Dyrness Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies and Associate Professor of Theology and History of Christianity at Wheaton College. David McNutt (Ph.D., Cambridge) is Senior Acquisitions Editor at Zondervan Academic and Associate Lecturer of Core Studies at Wheaton College. They are both ordained ministers in the PC (USA), parish associates at First Pres, and co-founders of McNuttshell Ministries. 

David and Jennifer answered a few questions about their upcoming book. 

Q: What is the focus of “Know the Theologians?”
A: The book focuses on sixteen different theologians of the Christian faith across the centuries. They both survey over a dozen primary figures, including Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant theologians, who represent the breadth and depth of the church’s theology. This includes such people as Irenaeus of Lyon, John of Damascus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Teresa of Avila, and Gustavo Gutiérrez. The book explores how they fit into their own time period and also draws attention to the theological voices of women throughout the church’s history.

Q: Where can people purchase copies of the book?
A: Books can be purchased online at retailers like Amazon or your local bookstore. 

You can watch this short video to learn more about the book.