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Equipped Class: Astronomy, Faith, and Wonder

By November 29, 2023No Comments

The Psalms proclaim that “the heavens declare the glory of God” – but how so? What can we learn about God from studying the sky? In these classes on faith and astronomy, astronomer Luke Leisman will share a bit of his journey as a Christian and a scientist, and some of the ways he sees the heavens declaring the glory of God. We’ll also discuss conflict between Christian and scientific views and communities, and explore ways thinking about the sky might help us grow closer to God and each other. Come with your questions and pondering!

Dr. Luke Leisman is an astronomer and author, deeply curious about the world, and committed to making it a better place. Currently a research professor at the University of Illinois, Dr. Leisman received his PhD from Cornell University and BS from Calvin University. In addition to searching for hiding galaxies, Dr. Leisman maintains a blog on astronomy’s place in our lives, and enjoys music, kayaking, and hanging out with friends. 

Event Information

Sunday, December 3-December 10 |  10-10:45am | Parlor

Questions & Registration

Questions? Contact the front desk at 630.469.2007.