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Winter Sermon Series | The Character of God – Can We Trust Him?

By December 26, 2022No Comments

Have you ever noticed the relationship between the words “characteristic” and “character”? Characteristics refer to the qualities of a person, place, or thing in order to describe it. Character is the make up or persona of a person. When we consider the characteristics or attributes of God, we are considering God’s character; His nature, temperament, and disposition towards us.

But how do we know who God truly is?

Do we take the Bible’s word for it without examination? Do we rely on our personal experience to date? Do we consult the philosophers, our neighbors, or the opinion of the guy working the machine at the coffee shop?

In this 6-week winter series we will reflect on why and how God is knowable, what knowing God means for our lives, and the power that comes from incorporating this knowledge into our spiritual journeys.