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Tuesday Notes

Welcome, new members, May 2, 2021!

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Please welcome our newest members!
On two consecutive Sunday evenings, our newest members heard messages from Pastor Chris and engaged in small group conversation with their table hosts – Matt/Molly Murphy and Daryl/Jean Roser.

Ben and Amanda Doty live in Glen Ellyn with their 4-year-old daughter. Amanda works in HR for Sevens Home Care and Ben is a Sales Manager for Vanguard Cleaning Systems. Amanda enjoys cooking, yoga, and the outdoors, while Ben likes to golf, bike, and spend time with his family at the park. They
currently attend worship and would like to get involved in children’s ministry (Kids’ Church) in the future.

Kathleen Harris lives in Wheaton. Kathleen is retired and keeps busy during the day by babysitting her grandbaby. When she isn’t babysitting, she enjoys walking her dog and planting containers around her townhome. At this time, Kathleen attends worship and is involved in a Bible study group. In the future, she would like to participate in making meals for new parents, folks in the hospital, etc.

Kelly Horton is moving to Glen Ellyn from Chicago with her fiance, Scott Bain. Kelly is an Accounting Manager for a manufacturing company. When not working, she enjoys being outside, walking her dog and exploring new neighborhoods, but most of her time now is spent wedding planning and home decorating. She currently attends worship and hopes to get involved in a small group.

Steven and Elizabeth Melvin live in Glen Ellyn with their two children, ages 4 and 2. Steven is a Supply Chain Executive and Elizabeth chases her young boys around. If she had zero responsibilities, she would spend time in her yard, take a workout class, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Steven would play golf and basketball. The family is currently involved with one child attending Westminster Preschool. Elizabeth would also like to get involved in a small group and Steven would like to explore Men’s Ministry sporting events.

Joe and Sarah Merryweather live in Glen Ellyn with their four children, ages 1.5 -9 years. Joe is a Certified Physician Assistant in the CDH ER and Sarah is a photographer for Maureen Jeanblanc Photography. When they aren’t busy working or taking care of family, Joe and Sarah enjoy sports, being outside and spending time with family/friends. They are currently involved with the church through their two sons who attend Westminster. In the future, both would like to get involved in mission work.

Andrew and Hannah Sedlacek live in West Chicago. Hannah is a social worker for Metropolitan Family Service and Andrew is the Director of Worship Ministries at our very own First Pres. Outside of work, Hannah enjoys gardening, being outside, making music and being with friends. Andrew enjoys riding his bike, being with friends and watching movies. Both hope to continue to get to know First Pres better through all of their current roles in the church.

Mike and Karen Warner live in Glen Ellyn and are both retired. Karen helps with her newborn twin grandbabies during the week. Mike enjoys birding and bird photography. They both enjoy reading, hiking, birding and photography. Currently they attend worship services and in the future, Mike would like to get involved in the children’s Outreach program and Karen would like to visit homebound church members.