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Spring Sermon Series 2023 | Ephesians: Paul’s Letter to the Church

By April 8, 2023April 13th, 2023No Comments

The New Testament book of Ephesians is unique in that scholars generally agree that this letter had an intended audience of multiple congregations of early Christians. Another way to say that is that the book of Ephesians is the Apostle Paul’s letter to The Church; not to a particular church community.

Because of this uniqueness, what we find in Ephesians are the things the Apostle Paul wants Christians in all times and places to know, to do, and to become.

Paul prays for you and for me that we will be rooted in a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He calls us to grow up to maturity in Christ, united in the Christian community. And He teaches us how to live our lives to the glory of God.

This spring at First Pres we will walk verse by verse through Paul’s letter to the church universal discovering how to become established in our personal relationship with God, how to learn to grow in holiness, and how to walk in the way of love.