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Join a Soul Keeping small group in April, 2020

By April 12, 2020April 20th, 2020No Comments

You are invited to grow closer to God through an all-church study beginning in April, 2020. The 6-session all-church study, Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You by John Ortberg will help us navigate our current situation and help us get in touch with what matters most.

Would you like to participate in a Small Group discussion of Soul Keeping? You will need to watch the online videos and/or purchase your own copy of the book and study guide. If you missed the opportunity to register for the videos, please contact Pam Gilbert.

Select a Small Group meeting on a day/time that is convenient for you. To join a group, contact the facilitator today (double click on their name to send an email.) They will send you a link to join their Zoom meeting. Groups will meet for six consecutive weeks; each meeting will be one hour in length. Small Groups begin meeting the week of April 19…it’s not too late to join one.

These Soul Keeping small group leaders are ready to welcome you.

8 pm Sundays — David Profitt
8 pm Mondays — Barb and Rob Meyer
8 am Tuesdays — Blake Riboli
11 am Tuesdays — Chris Griggs
8 pm Tuesdays — Jonathan and Beverly Hancock
11 am Wednesdays — Sue Clary
2 pm Thursdays— Jen Eldersveld
3 pm Thursdays — Suzi Benes
7 pm Thursdays — Bob and Kathy Duncan
10 am Fridays— Jan Chindlund and Phyllis Kidd

The Soul Keeping personal study schedule

For small group discussion prep, here is the schedule for your personal study.


The week of April 19 — Session 1 – What is the Soul?

Watch video #1 and/or read the Prologue, Introduction and chapters 1-2 of the book.


The week of April 26 — Session 2 – The Struggle of the Soul

Watch video #2 and/or read chapters 3 – 5 of the book.


The week of May 3 — Session 3 – What the Soul Needs

Watch video #3 and/or read chapters 6 – 8 of the book.


The week of May 10 — Session 4 – The Practice of Grace

Watch video #4 and/or read chapters 9 – 11 of the book.


The week of May 17 — Session 5 – The Practice of Gratitude

Watch video #5 and/or read chapters 12 – 15 of the book.


The week of May 24 — Session 6 – The Practice of Growth
Watch video #6 and/or read chapters 16 -17 of the book.

Questions & Registration

If you missed registering for access to the 6 videos or if you need help joining a small group, contact Cinda Siligmueller or Pam Gilbert.