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ReOpening Survey Results Assist Planning

By July 28, 2020No Comments

The First Pres Church staff and the ReOpening Task Force are extraordinarily grateful for your response to the ReOpening survey sent to you. Over 200 individuals chose to respond. You gave us your honest answers to multiple questions. The majority of you also took time to write thoughtful and helpful insights in the “Comment” section. Thank you.

As we begin to re-open the campus, we will use your responses to assist our thinking.

Last Wednesday evening, a Vespers service was held in the Sanctuary. We implemented many of the precautions that are important to you. Next week, the Westminster Preschool staff is hosting camps for preschoolers. Smaller class sizes, masks, frequent use of hand sanitizers, etc will be the norm. Westminster faculty will learn first-hand what it is like to have preschoolers in class during the Covid season.

As we move forward with additional re-openings for various programs, we will continue to value your partnership. Our priority is to move forward with an emphasis on health and thoughtfulness, being mindful of what it means to love and serve the community in which we are situated.

Cinda Siligmueller
Director of Adult Ministries and ReOpening Task Force member