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PIM Bike Ride Update: First Pres successfully raised funds for new teacher housing in Uganda

By August 24, 2021August 25th, 2021No Comments
Thank you to everyone who supported the Partners In Mission “Fox and Hound” Bike Ride in August! The 8th annual ride was executed successfully, with 80 bike riders participating (20 riders from First Pres) and 35 First Pres volunteers, as well as others from the surrounding community. The annual event raised $40,000, which will be used to fund the building of a 12-unit apartment residence for married teachers at Kamwenge Secondary Vocational School (KSVS).
In Uganda, it is common for housing to be provided for teachers, especially in rural areas. When Partners in Mission began building the school in 2007, the teacher accommodations were very simple. Most teachers lived in “dorm” situations with shared latrines (no indoor plumbing), including many married teachers with children. This new building will offer on-campus housing with indoor plumbing and 2-bedroom units for teachers who are married with children.
The cost of this new building is $412,000. More than half of the funds were donated by a private donor, with $122,00 remaining.

The First Pres Missions Council is providing $40,000 during 2021 and 2022, with the bike ride contributing $40,000. First Pres and PIM hope to raise the final $42,000 this year, or will use next year’s bike race to complete the project!

The Covid-19 impact has been severe in Uganda in recent weeks, and the country was shut down on June 6. The schools should open again soon. KSVS is creating printed materials for students who visit campus or for teachers to deliver to students who live far away. Families are stressed and violence is often the result. The school is currently also providing housing for 35 primary-age children and 25 high school students who face dangerous situations at home.  Rev. John said: “Even though schools are closed, we’re operating as a crisis center. We receive many cases. Keep us in prayer.”
The teachers on campus are also tending the crops that have been planted at the school, and they care for the herd of cows provided by First Pres students!
Please keep these amazing teachers in your prayers. Though there has been a recent drought, the rains have begun to fall bringing relief. Pray for continued strength, perseverance of the teachers, Rev. John, and all the students at KSVS. To learn more about this long-term, special First Pres Mission Partner, visit the Partners in Mission page on our Missions section, and watch the video!