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Quarterly Updates

July 1- September 30, 2023 Quarterly Update

By October 24, 2023No Comments

Church Family,

2023 continues to be an extraordinary time in the life of our church as we live ALL IN for God and this church community. Busy summer months have given way to a new fall season and what promises to be an exciting year-end as we look forward to this season of hope and joy. I’m particularly energized by all of the transformative work this church has rallied around and the impact it’s had on our local, national, and global communities. This summer was filled with many stories of impact from our backyard, to the Western U.S. and as far away as Uganda.

I’m happy to share that we’ve continued to make great progress across our four All IN Initiatives.

• We held the Sanctuary Renovation Participation Session in September and saw a wonderful amount of engagement in the process. The Sanctuary Renovation team is continuing its progress as we move toward the commencement of the project next year.

• The Refugee Mission new ministry initiative Information and Participation session also had a tremendous amount of excitement and participation in October. If you weren’t able to attend, you can view a recording of the 11:30 session on the ALL IN Website (

• The Identifiable Communities initiative is taking shape, which we should all be proud. This is an important focus for us and our community. As we all know, COVID had a significant and life-altering impact on our lives. One of the biggest impacts has been relationships. And not just relationships, but truly authentic connections with others in our community. Engaging in a caring, authentic, and healthy community is a critical initiative for First Pres and ALL IN! Please stay tuned for more updates as we look to provide an in-service update in November on Identifiable Communities as well as a Participation Session in January.

• Finally, as we continue to make progress on the Residential Internship initiative, more information will be shared with this Church community.

Grateful to be in partnership with you for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chris Griggs