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Health Precautions Implemented

By March 9, 2020March 15th, 2020No Comments

First Pres Friends,

We had a wonderful Sunday of worship celebrating the goodness of God through another amazing SPARK year.

I hope you saw Friday’s email about the time change. If not, check it out please. I don’t imagine writing a weekly update about the church’s response to COVID 19, but for now, I want to err on the side of good communication. Many of you are very anxious or at least concerned about this outbreak, and many of you are not too concerned. Wherever you are on that continuum, you are part of this church body and we are grateful you are part of this community. And we want to encourage you in your journey with Christ and your trusting him as the God over all things.

In addition to what I wrote in last week’s email, I wanted to mention a few more things that you will see this week in worship:

  • For the time being, due to the number of hands touching the offering plates, we will not have an offering time during the service. Instead, for those who wish to give their offering at the church, there will be boxes by the doors of the sanctuary in which to put your gift. Giving online, by text or by electronic check remain quite germ free.
  • We will not pass the black friendship pads. Unfortunately, we will not be collecting names, emails or addresses of regular attenders for the time being so please call the church office if your address or phone number changes. We will strongly encourage guests and visitors to complete a Welcome Card or to sign the guest book at the Welcome Center, so that we can be in contact with them. We would be sad to miss guests who are with us.
  • If we have a time to “Pass the Peace” in a service, we will discourage handshaking and fist-bumping. If you haven’t tried fist bumping, sorry you missed out. We’ve learned that’s not the best alternative to handshaking.
  • On Palm Sunday, April 5, we plan to celebrate communion in a different fashion. We just haven’t quite determined our method of choice. It will be a special communion Sunday as many children will receive communion for the first time.
  • Our custodial staff continues, as always, to be vigilant about cleaning and sanitizing. We are using bleach by the truckload.

At all times, and especially in this challenging season, we want to care well for this church body and for our neighbors. On Sunday I shared that we would be committed to:
-not panicking but being prepared,
-proactively learning about COVID 19,
-rejecting any racist overtones with this virus,
-caring for those most at risk,
-considering wise and measured lifestyle adjustments,
-and practicing smart hygiene.

May God enable us to continue to be a thoughtful and gracious church community.

As always, if you have concerns or thoughtful ideas, please contact the church office or me. If you feel that it is best for you to not come to worship during this trying season, please do what is best to care for yourself. Please let us know that is your intention so we can seek to be in contact with you to see how we might support you at this time. As always, the listening link to Sunday’s sermon is at the bottom of this email.

Jonathan Hancock
Associate Pastor for Congregational Care
First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn