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Generous to the Core: Life in View of God’s Grace, Fall Sermon Series

By October 18, 2021No Comments

When we think of Jesus’ teachings on generosity we tend to think it terms of financial giving. And that is fair, because Jesus talks a lot about money, its power, and our hearts. But money is only one kind of currency.

To be a radically generous person means that we are generous in every area of life. Generosity is not less than financial giving, but it is a lot more.

In this series we will study a series of passages in the gospel of Luke where Jesus challenges us to look inward, look outward and look upward to discover how we can be the radically generous people God has designed us to be. Join us for Generous to the Core: Life in View of God’s Grace

  • Classic service  |  8:45am
  • Modern service  |  10:30am.