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FaithTime: A Christmas Eve Experience, 2020

By December 12, 2020December 23rd, 2020No Comments

Christmas Eve is a special time for children! We want to help make Christmas Eve special for your whole family by bringing our Christmas Eve family service to you.

This Christmas Eve we invite you to enjoy FaithTime: A Christmas Eve Experience. Gather your family together in the living room, turn on the TV or laptop, turn down the lights, maybe even light a candle, and enjoy a Christmas Eve moment.

In past years, you may have participated in Christmas with the Kids in Mind at 3:30 in the First Pres Sanctuary; you may even remember the tambourines from last year! This year’s experience will capture the heart of that service. It will be upbeat, funny, meaningful, and even poignant, as much as is possible in a kids’ event 🙂 AND it will be short! We’re packing all the goodness of the family service into 15 minutes.

We hope your family enjoys FaithTime: A Christmas Eve Experience as much as we enjoyed making it for you. The video is available here so you can watch it now or at any time that fits your schedule.


David Profitt & Jen Chibucos
First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn