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Faith Builders for Women

By August 18, 2022No Comments

Faith Builders is for women of all ages and stages of faith.

Faith Builders for Women (Wednesday) | Starting September 14
When Strivings Cease: Replacing the Gospel of Self-Improvement with the Gospel of Life-Transforming Grace

In this hustling, image-forward age of opportunity, we feel more anxious than ever. Despite all the affirming memes and self-reflections that dominate social media feeds, approval and worth often seem assigned to what we do rather than who we are. And we end up constantly feeling behind, lacking, and like we’re failing—at home, at work, with friends, with God. Join Wednesday Night Faith Builders as we explore how to cease our striving for something more and learn how to find freedom from the never-ending quest for self-improvement. Study guides a must, book recommended but optional. Each session will begin with an opening thought and scripture, followed by a video and discussion and ending with personal prayer requests and prayer. Register here today! Options for ordering can be found on Ruth Chou Simon’s website, You will be responsible for securing the guide as well as the book (if you wish).

  • Wednesdays at 7p.m. in the church parlor beginning September 14th.
  • September 14th is a welcome and organizing session, the study begins on the 21st.

Faith Builders for Women (Thursday) | Starting September 15
Faith Builders is a Bible study for women of all ages and stages of faith. Come Thursday September 15, 9:15- 11:00am to the Gathering Place as we begin Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. This is a 5 session DVD series, where we meet in large group for teaching and small groups for discussion and prayer. If your spiritual walk is not what you would like it to be, you can change that. Sacred Pathways describes the nine spiritual temperaments that will help you understand your key pathway. You can investigate the ways you most naturally express yourself in your relationship with God. And you will understand how to relate to others who have different temperaments from your own. Childcare is provided.  $10 registration includes Discussion Guide. Register here!

Event Information

Wednesday, September 14 |  7-9pm | Parlor
Thursday, September 15 |  9:15-11am | Gathering Place

Questions & Registration

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