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Tuesday Notes

Celebrating One Year of the More Than Sunday Podcast

By May 30, 2023No Comments

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the More Than Sunday Podcast, it’s a time to reflect on the inspiring stories shared. During this year, the podcast has evolved and grown, becoming a source of inspiration and connection to more than 1,700 listeners.  

Since its launch, the podcast explored diverse topics that helped people get connected in the community and deepen their faith. Chris Griggs shared his perspective on the podcast’s evolution, stating, “I think we’ve learned about the power to tell stories through this medium. Since the podcast is conversational in nature it gives us the opportunity to share about the movement of God’s spirit in various ways in ourselves and our congregational ministry.” 

In the first season, listeners learned of the multifaceted ways in which people actively engage and contribute to the First Pres community. Our volunteers serve in many different ministry areas such as worship, hospitality, and children & youth ministries. These stories helped others find their place within the church.

Later in the year, the podcast delved deeper into the adult education classes offered at First Pres. Each episode hosted class leaders who provided an in-depth exploration of their field of study.

Chris shared his reflections on the many memorable people who spoke this past year. I have been impacted by listening to such sharp thinkers, both inside and outside of our congregational body, who have reflected deeply on their faith and the movement of God’s spirit in their lives and in the world.”

The podcast has also played a pivotal role in the revamped New Membership Class. Participants now have the opportunity to learn more about the church at their own pace. Chris believes that we’re just beginning to see some of the creative ways that the podcast can be used. 

“The fact that the church is able to join people in their lives on the other six days of the week through a handheld device extends the reach of the First Pres community deeper into our homes, neighborhoods, and places of work.”

Chris also provided insight into the plans for the future of the podcast, stating “I feel like we’re just getting going. Given that we have been without a full-time associate pastor for these past years, the podcast is one of those things that I very much want to lean into but we haven’t been able to make use of it in a consistent and wide way, the way that I think we ultimately will. There are many topics and stories that I think will be helpful for us to explore, and as we hear more and more from people in the congregation about how the podcast is impacting them, I think we will be better able to develop and refine the ways we make use of it in the future.”

As we celebrate this one-year milestone, we extend a thank you to all the guests and dedicated listeners who have been a part of this journey. 

Let us continue to grow, learn, and be inspired by the More Than Sunday Podcast! Click here to listen on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and the First Pres website.