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“3 Jesus-Thoughts on Giving” fall 2020 sermon series

By November 1, 2020November 2nd, 2020No Comments

I recently read an essay in a national publication by an Atheist Objectivist Philosopher about “The Season of Giving” in our culture. It was quite a different take on why a person would give or show generosity! While the article and its philosophy are easy to pan, it does raise a good question, “Is giving during the holidays something that we just do because it is a cultural norm?”

In this short sermon series we will examine what the Lord has to say about giving; what it is and isn’t, why it is so important to human flourishing, and why it is connected to our faith in God.

We will discover the incredible freedom that comes from looking at the material things of life the way Jesus does and find practical wisdom we can apply to our thinking and our living that will free us from anxiety and lust that money can produce in us when not properly understood. Come experience the liberty of a healthy relationship with money!