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2021 Advent Sermon Series, Knowing the Emmanuel God

By November 26, 2021No Comments

The meaning of Christmas is found in the man, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is the incarnation, literally the in-flesh-ment, of the Eternal God of creation. The Creator God, entered into His creation, in order to make himself known. But do we know Him?

Have we come to know not only that God is “with us” but to actually know the God who is “with us” in Jesus Christ?

In this sermon series we will move beyond the philosopher’s question about the knowability of God, to the experience of knowing the “with us” God in every aspect of our individual and communal lives. Come encounter the God who has made you and come for you in Emmanuel, Jesus Christ.

  • Classic service  |  8:45am
  • Modern service  |  10:30am.