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Deep Living in a Shallow Culture

Our culture is saturated by frenzy, discontent, insecurity, and ambition. The push to have a ripped body, achieve career success, go on envy-producing vacations, have successful kids, great hair … to be enough and to do enough is the drumbeat of our time. But, every once in a while, we ask ourselves, “Is it worth it? Are the things that I am chasing actually the best things for me?” In this series, inspired by the first two chapters of 1 Corinthians, we will look at Paul’s message to a church in Corinth, a city in many ways similar to our own. Paul points the church not to pursue success in the world’s eyes but to live the way of the cross. This fall we will learn how to turn our hearts away from the foolish superficiality of the world and embrace deep, meaningful living.

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Deep Living in a Shallow Culture

Shallow Rifts or Deep Unity?(Chris Griggs | September 22)
The Foolishness of the Cross(Jonathan Hancock | September 29)
ICCH & First Pres(Hector Barreto and Chris Griggs | October 6)
Frail Enough to Be Useful(Chris Griggs | October 13)
The Depth of the Holy Spirit(Chris Griggs | October 20)