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Sermon Series: Encounter: Face-to-Face with Jesus

Even for people who have followed Jesus for years, many have no idea the impact his life has had on our world. His influence is immense and non-accidental, and has swept over history, bringing his inspiration to the evolution of science, government, education, medicine and art. Jesus’ radical introduction of human dignity, compassion, humility, forgiveness and hope continues to inspire and challenge humanity today. As part of the next sermon series on the life of Jesus, we invite you to join our special Small Group initiative using John Ortberg’s five-session, DVD-based Bible study, Who Is This Man? Use this resource within your existing small groups, and if you don’t have a group, we’ll find you one – there are many small groups to join and we’ve created new groups to meet every kind of schedule and association. We want you to feel welcomed into these small circles of Jesus followers who are committed to learning about God’s love and the simple carpenter who changed history.

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Encounter: Face-to-Face with Jesus

Encounter: The Upside Down Kingdom(Jonathan Hancock)
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Encounter: Embracer of the Marginalized(Chris Griggs)
Encounter: Resurrection and Hope(Chris Griggs)