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Sermon Series

Who are you? Christian identity in a secular age.

This sermon series will contain 10 studies in the book of 1 Peter. Martin Luther once called 1 Peter “One of the noblest books in the New Testament.” He believed this book contains everything a Christian needs to know. Not only is Peter’s first epistle a powerful summary of the Christian faith, it also gives us a window into early Christianity. It is almost like a primitive catechism of some of the first Christ-followers.

Ed Clowney once said that “1 Peter is the most condensed New Testament resume of the Christian faith and of the conduct that it inspires.”

My focus will be on how the gospel is the foundational principle by which Christian life is lived out within the larger unbelieving society, the secular age in which we find ourselves.

This letter wrestles with some very important questions:
• How do you live with the misery of hardship and suffering?
• How do you handle being unfairly criticized?
• What do you do if your life is not going according to plan?
• What should be our place in the world as Christians?

So, as we tackle some of these questions, and carefully read the text, we will explore what it means to be priests and pilgrims, strangers even, in this present age.

Sermon Audio

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Who Are You? Christian Identity in a Secular Age

Who Are You(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | January 19)
Obedient Children(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | January 26)
A Peculiar People(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | February 2)
Sojourners and Exiles(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | February 9)
And They Will Know We Are Christians By...(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | February 16)
Free(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | February 23)
Heirs(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | March 1)
Blessed(Rev. Tim Blackmon, Guest Preacher | March 8)

January Sermons

The Implications of the Incarnation(Chris Griggs | January 5)