Our life together is anchored in the study of God’s word, as we come together to understand who God is and the love He has for us.

At First Pres, we embrace study as an important building block of the church. First Pres has a strong tradition of dedicated learning opportunities for all ages. Everything at First Pres, from Sunday and weekly children’s and student programs to small groups and adult ministries are ways to engage in actively growing in faith, from toddler years to adulthood.

Adult Education

Adult ed classes and discussions give us the chance to question, study, learn, and grow, developing individually and together as disciples of Christ.

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This year-long class for 8th graders is a time of thinking, questioning, and learning  about the bible, the church, and Jesus Christ. Thoughtful children’s and student ministries programming supplements and supports the program from birth through high school and beyond, walking with children and youth on their journey as they learn to understand God’s love for them and how it inspires their lives.

This ministry offers a loving education to prepare children age 2-kindergarten to succeed in school and beyond.