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Communion Workshop 2023

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We want your child to be able to take communion and to understand what it is, who does it, why we do it, and how much it can mean.

We will teach children (2nd grade & up) the why, who, when, and how about communion. Informational overview for parents & children on April 16th 11:30am-12pm in JKH, lower level. Classes for children on April 19th, 26th, & May 3rd from 3:45pm-5pm. Communion will be taken Sunday May 7th. Communion will be taken Sunday, May 7.

However, if your child is not ready to make a faith commitment to follow Jesus at this point, we completely understand; there will be no pressure at all. Children in this phase of life will get a blessing instead of taking communion and we will explain the beauty of this option as well.

Event Information

April 16 | 11:30am-12pm | John Knox Hall
April 19, 26 | May 5 | 3:45pm-5pm | Communion Workshop


We welcome any questions that you may have and look forward to spending this time with you. Please contact David Profitt, Director of Children’s Ministries with any questions.