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Why Do We Sing? | April 24- May 1 2022

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Every Sunday, we gather in worship and sing. Even throughout the COVID Pandemic, churches worked hard to bring singing into our homes. However, is there a reason to this singing other than it is “something we’ve always done?” Singing has been an integral part of the Christian faith since the beginning. This rich singing tradition can even be traced farther back to the Psalmic traditions of the Jewish faith. Looking through Scripture, tradition, and a little science, this class will reflect on why singing is so important to the Christian faith (and possibly, simply being human). This will be an interactive class with room for some discussion and even singing.

Joshua Strickler holds a B.A. in Music and Biblical Studies from George Fox University, an M.A. in Theology and Culture from Northwest University, and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Christos Center for Spiritual Formation. He is an active church musician, most recently serving as the interim choir director at First Pres and is an active spiritual director. Christa Strickler is Associate Professor of Library Science at Wheaton College. She holds a B.A. in Music from Northwest University, an MLIS from the University of Washington, and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Theology from Wheaton College.

Event Information

Sunday, April 24-May 1 | 10-10:45am | Parlor


Questions? Contact the front desk at 630.469.2007.