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Wednesday Worship – A Contemplative Experiment

By September 27, 2018No Comments

October 3-24, 7:30-8:30pm in the Chapel

Ever leave Sunday morning worship yearning for just a little more? Want a space to be rejuvenated in the midst of a busy week? Join us in the Chapel where there will be relaxed, reflective times of worship for four consecutive Wednesday nights.

As a community we will be focusing on identifying God’s presence in our daily life through an ancient Ignatian prayer practice known as Examen. Many Christian worshippers tend to think that it is most appropriate to “check your life at the door” before coming to church. However, our goal in these gatherings will be to do the opposite – to take the trials of our lives with us in entering the presence of God, that He might breathe life into the very things we try to compartmentalize.

Each week, the invitation will consist of asking the Holy Spirit to show us how God is active in the mundane things, the silly things, and even the painful things; we will sing together, pray together, and reflect together on the very active nature of God’s work in our individual lives as well as those in our community.

Whether you can make it to only one week or all four weeks, we hope that the space provided on Wednesday nights will be a life-giving one for you and for any friends and family who choose to join you.