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Tuesday Notes

By September 25, 2018No Comments

Church Family,

The new Sunday morning Adult Education class at 9:00 is off to a great start. I was bummed I could not be in two places at once on Sunday. As I was preaching at 9:00 (if you missed the sermon you can listen to it here), a great group of students, parents, coaches and athletes gathered in the Parlor to talk about the relationship between faith and participation in sports. 

At times, youth sports can feel like the enemy of church, taking us away from worship on Sunday mornings. At times, youth sports can feel like the enemy of sanity, taking us all over the state as we invest hours upon hours in practices, meets, games, and tournaments. The Adult Education class on Sunday was a conversation about how Christians navigate the demands and culture of youth sports, gleaning the valuable things it offers us, while pushing back against the idolatry that can be present in sports. 

I love that we are a Christian community who wrestles with what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the context of our lives seven days a week!

This Sunday we will begin a new Adult Education course at 9:00. This two-week class will focus on healthy parenting and establishing nourishing relationships with our children. At baptism, parents make a commitment to raise their children, relying on God’s grace, as followers of Jesus Christ. 

If you have a young person in your home, we would love to partner with you as you work to love your kids throughout their growth and development.  Here are the details:

9:00 – Sept 30, Oct 7  |  Working toward secure parent-child attachment through childhood and adolescence:
This two-week series, by therapists Stephanie Fuchs and Joel Marquart (with Alcorn & Allison Clinical Associates, Glen Ellyn), will introduce ways to establish and maintain the pivotal tenets of secure attachment with your child and teen. Week one will focus predominantly on children twelve and under, and week two will focus on teens.

Children 1st-5th grade are invited to pre-Ignite in JKH.

Grateful to be working together to live out our faith in our homes, neighborhoods, places of work, and shared community,

Chris Griggs