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Tuesday Notes

By September 18, 2018No Comments

Church Family,

Sunday was a very full and vibrant day of ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn. From the string quartet in the Classic Service to the powerful time of confession and repentance in the Modern Service, to the 2 great Adult Education classes, to the conclusion of the Confirmation Retreat, to the Men’s Golf outing, to the Senior High Ministry gathering in the Youth Lounge in the evening, things were popping! (If you were elsewhere on Sunday morning and want to listen to the sermon, you can do so here.)

Fall is an active time of life and ministry for sure. (For example, SPARK, the mid-week elementary school ministry beings tomorrow, as does TNT, the weekly Jr. High gathering of students.) 

I am not writing about all the ministry happening at First Pres in order to congratulate ourselves on our awesome congregation; but to remind us why we do what we do. Busyness is not ministry. If we are not careful, ministry can become an unhealthy contributor to the level of busyness in our lives. We don’t do what we do in order to have a great church. We do what we do as a congregation in order to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Let me encourage us all to keep our focus on Jesus Christ as we enter into the fullness of ministry this fall.  As you and I serve the homeless at PADS, let’s remember that we are doing so because we are followers of Jesus. As we grow in our knowledge of God’s word through Faith Builders, Adult Education and our small groups, let’s remember the reason we are there is to become more like Jesus Christ. As we gather to worship, let’s consider the good news that Christ is with us and nothing can separate us from the love of God. As we share in fellowship together, let’s focus on our relationships so that we can strengthen one another in our respective journeys of following Jesus. 

Grateful to be focusing on Jesus Christ alongside you this fall,

Chris Griggs