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Tuesday Notes

Tuesday Notes

By January 23, 2018No Comments

Church Family,

How many relationships are a part of your life which have, as a part of their reason for being, the objective of helping you be a follower a Jesus Christ?

If you were to run through your mental rolodex, your Outlook/iPhone/Google Contacts, your current tribe, your network of friends, etc. and identify just how many of those relationships exist, at least in part, in order to help you follow Jesus, what number would you come with?

Zero? Two? Twenty? Fifty?

On Sunday morning at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn we continued in our winter sermon series, All In: Life Will Never Be the Same as we examined why and how Christians go about inviting Jesus into our interpersonal relationships.

As I mentioned in the sermon on Sunday (which you can listen to here) relationships are an incredibly significant matter in the spiritual life. Throughout history the church has thought of relationships as a spiritual discipline. You might not. You might think of spiritual disciplines or spiritual practices as things like; reading the Bible, or prayer, or acts of service, participating in worship; you know – spiritual things.  But from its very beginning, the church understood that, relationships are actually a critical spiritual discipline; an area where we intentionally dedicate ourselves, in order that we might grow closer to Christ. Relationships are as much a matter of spiritual discipline as financial giving, or sacrifice, or worship, or Bible study.

If you cycled through all the relationships in your life and you realized that you don’t have a good number of relationships that you are intentionally cultivating because those relationships help you to live as a follower of Jesus Christ, let me invite you to begin creating and developing Christian friendships.  Start going “all in” when it comes to the relationships in your life and surrounding yourself with people who help you live as a Jesus follower.

If you want more of Jesus’ power and leadership in your life, choose to get close to people whose burdens you can help carry, and begin giving those people permission to speak into your life, to help you develop as a committed Jesus follower.

If you need help finding a group of Christian friends who want to walk alongside you in your journey of faith, your church would love to help you do that.  You can begin a conversation about what it might look like for you to initiate pursuing those relationships be emailing the small group ministry team at  You will find in the team, caring conversation partners who can support you as you pursue with perseverance this important spiritual practice.

Grateful to be cultivating Christ-centered relationships alongside you,

Chris Griggs
Senior Pastor