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Tuesday Notes

Tuesday Notes

By January 16, 2018No Comments

Church Family,

The storms will come.

When it comes to the storms of life, it is not a matter of “if” the storms will come; it is just a matter of “when” and “from where” and “how long” and “how powerful” the storms will be.

Jesus was pretty clear with the disciples about this truth:

“In this world you will have trouble,” – John 16:33

“The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” – Matthew 7:27

“your Heavenly Father knows your need…” – Matthew 6:32

Jesus actually spent a good deal of time teaching his disciples that he had not come to earth so that their lives (nor ours) would be free from challenge or particularly easy.  Jesus, who himself would endure the cross, taught his followers that their lives would be as full of ordeals, trials, and sufferings as anyone else’s; perhaps more so.

On Sunday morning we continued in the winter sermon series, All In: Life Will Never Be the Same as we considered what it would mean for us to trust Jesus with our fears and anxieties in the midst of the storms of this life.  In the sermon (which you can listen to here) we saw how Peter moved toward Jesus in his experience of fear.

Peter did not attempt to hide from the storm; that would have been impossible and foolish.  Instead Peter chose to try to walk on water with Jesus.  Also not an easy thing to do, but at least conceptually possible.  When he was afraid, Peter faced the storm and he moved toward Jesus.

We saw on Sunday the way that Peter trusted Jesus imperfectly.  Peter doubted and lost focus; Peter was low on faith and sank in a sea of self-incrimination.  But Peter also knew the experience of feeling empowered by Jesus to do the incredible. Peter knew what it was to be caught by Jesus and to feel saved by Jesus.  None of the other disciples who remained in the boat received that experience.  They just got wet and stayed afraid.

The storms of this life will come.

The storms of this life will come.

Jesus promises it to be so.

The only question for us is: will we be willing to invite Jesus into our fears and anxieties as we join Jesus out in the chaos of the storm?  If we are willing to entrust Jesus with our fears, we too can know the feeling of Jesus empowering us to do the incredible and know Jesus’ ability to save us from sinking in the wind and the waves.

Grateful to be working alongside you to invite Jesus in,

Chris Griggs
Senior Pastor