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Thanksgiving Eve & Pie in the Parlor (Help!)

By October 21, 2018No Comments

Background for those who are new to First Pres…we give thanks to God during a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve worship service in the chapel. People then come to the main building where the Deacons serve big helpings of pie and fellowship. Come with family and out of town guests because this is a special time of thanksgiving.

Congregation, the Deacons need your help with two things this year:

  • Do you like to bake? We need your help baking a pie because our wonderful, dedicated pie-baker, Marj Passini moved to Northbrook.
  • Pie in the Parlor needs a new name because we have burst the seams of the parlor and plan to serve pie in (gasp)…the Gathering Place. What should we call the event??

If you would like to bake a pie for the event or if you have a suggested name to replace “Pie in the Parlor” please contact the church office.