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SHINE, September 19, 2021

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Shine is a place for parents to create faith moments with their preschool or early elementary age children. We will have songs, stories, activities and interaction designed to help your child learn a practical faith skill.

How do we instill hope in our kids and help them deal with disappointment? We’ll learn from King David’s story in the Bible to “wait for what you want” AND “work for what you want”. We believe that combination of patience and diligence will set even our youngest kids up for success. But at the end of the day David’s story teaches us to hope because we can “trust God no matter what”.

Event Information

Sunday, September 19 |  3-3:45pm  | First Pres Glen Ellyn Tent | Bring lawn chairs and your outside voice 


Questions & Registration

Register online or contact the church office.

For questions contact David Profitt or Sue Clary at