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Parents of 5th and 12th Graders, “Meet Blake” Events

By March 1, 2018No Comments

First Pres is thrilled to be welcoming Blake Riboli as the Director of Student Ministries. In order to welcome Blake well, we’d like to give as many parents as possible an opportunity to meet Blake in an informal and warm setting. Below are a series of “Meet Blake” dates and events. If you are unable to attend the event planned for your own students’ age group(s), you are welcome to come to an alternate event. Please RSVP to the corresponding contact in the list below for the event you are able to attend.

  • 5th Grade Parents – Monday March 5 at 6pm Heavy App Potluck at the home of Chris & Erin Griggs – 2124 Nachtman Ct. Wheaton RSVP to
  • 6th Grade Parents – Sunday March 11, 4-6pm Appetizers at the home of Amy & Jason Hart – 370 Oak St, Glen Ellyn RSVP to
  • 7th Grade Parents – your event was last Sunday. If you missed it, consider RSVP’ing for an alternate grade/date.
  • 8th Grade Parents – Sunday, February 25, 7pm (during Confirmation) Appetizers/dessert at the home of Chris & Marsha Mead – 966 Crescent Blvd, Glen Ellyn RSVP to
  • 9th Grade Parents – Sunday, February 18, 4-6pm Chili at the home of Kathryn & Gary Alcock – 520 Deer Path, Glen Ellyn RSVP to
  • 10th Grade Parents – Sunday, March 4, 6-8pm Italian Beef at the home of Bill & Carolyn Crosby – 305 N. Main St, Glen Ellyn RSVP to
  • 11th Grade Parents – Sunday, March 18, 5-7pm Chili at the home of Melisa & Steve Knez – 621 Forest Ave, Glen Ellyn RSVP to
  • 12th Grade Parents & Students – date to be determined Meet at the home of Paul & Elizabeth Bischoff RSVP to