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Current Sermon Series | Jesus’ Movement, Our Moment, Our Turn

By April 17, 2022May 9th, 2022No Comments

As a community of Jesus Christ, we stand in the aftermath of a historical movement of Jesus followers. Against all odds, the church of Jesus Christ was born amidst persecution by an imperial power, in a nowhere region, following an executed leader. But the Jesus Movement did not die when Jesus died, because Jesus did not stay dead. The kind of church we are today, is due to the faith, the commitment, the sacrifices, and the spiritual growth of the people who preceded us.

Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the church has grown and impacted the whole world as salt and light.

The kind of church we will be in the future depends on the decisions you and I make today. So many forces have been at work in the past decades that make it harder for us to be the kind of church we see in the New Testament and the kind of congregation we have been historically. Even more complex forces have been at work the past two+ years that have separated us from committed community, disengaged us from service, broken our habits and patterns of being a Jesus people together. I get it, life is going to push us around. We have to push back.

In this short series of sermons, we will explore the legacy of the Jesus community and of our particular congregation. We will discover the New Testament vision for each of us as unique participants in a larger, interconnected community. We will hear inspiring stories of what Jesus has done in this place, and we will face the reality of the possibilities and dangers of this present moment for our Jesus community. How we as a church answer the challenges of this moment will have generational impacts. Are we ready for Our Turn to lead, in Our Moment, in Jesus’ Movement?

  • Classic service  |  8:45am
  • Modern service  |  10:30am.