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January Sermon Series: 5 Burning Questions of Faith

By January 20, 2019January 30th, 2019No Comments

There are big questions of faith that stop us in our tracks: Why is there suffering if God is good? Isn’t religion disproven by science? Isn’t the Church responsible for so much evil in the world? What political party is Jesus? Aren’t all faiths equally valid?

In this sermon series, we took an unflinching look at five burning questions of faith, examining scripture and inviting the Holy Spirit to guide us in wisdom and discernment as we learn to articulate our response.

While we may not always agree on answers, what sets us apart as a community of faith is our commitment to embracing these complex questions, and loving one another through the asking. We invite everyone – the thoughtful Christian and the inquiring skeptic – to join us on this journey of discovery. If you missed these conversations you can listen to them at home!