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Help Our Refugee Neighbors

By January 12, 2021No Comments

Last March, when the pandemic began, it deeply impacted life for many in the DuPage County refugee community. Our mission partner, Exodus World Services, quickly realized many of the refugees with whom they were working had lost their jobs or had their hours greatly reduced, and needed help putting food on their tables. In response to this serious need, Exodus partnered with the Glen Ellyn Food pantry to provide Grocery Care Packs to about 120 families each month.

First Pres has been involved in this ministry. Our members have volunteered. We provided space in our building and under the parking lot tent for packing the groceries over the summer months. The mission council provided much needed bridge funds to help the program continue while Exodus and the Food Pantry secured permanent funding sources.

Today we want to ask you to consider volunteering to help refugee families through the Exodus Grocery Care Pack Program.

The time commitment is just a couple of hours once a month. You can help by sorting, packing, and/or delivering food and essential items to refugees’ doorsteps. We would love for our congregation to rally to this need and continue to serve our neighbors alongside our mission partner, Exodus.

If you would like to find out more, or hear about this or other Exodus opportunities; like being a conversation partner, citizenship test tutor or tutoring a refugee child, please reach out to Michelle Mote.