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VBS in a Box thanksgiving

By June 30, 2020No Comments

On Sunday we celebrated a wonderful week of VBS, and all God did in and through our community. In addition to Sunday’s worship service on the “First Presbyterian Church Glen Ellyn” YouTube page, you can also see the VBS videos (plus other videos from the Spring) on the “First Pres Kids” YouTube page.

Thank you to the kids, parents and the whole church community for making VBS in a Box possible this year. And first and foremost, thanks to God for inspiring us, encouraging us, and blessing us with VBS.

We give thanks to all those people behind the scenes who prepped boxes, recorded videos, set up backdrops, made phone calls, purchased rocks, made copies, counted, sorted, stuffed, taped, and did the heavy lifting to help us launch VBS in a Box this year: Addy Profitt, Jack Chibucos, Sue Clary, Mike and Karen Michalczyk, Abby Michalczyk, Larry Siewert, Christina Rees, Owen Rees, Tricia Cavan, Cathy Colten, Rob Colten, Vyonne Scheiwe, Deb Bianchini, Jen Seifert, Lindsay Seifert, Jen Eldersveld, Jeni Schoenherr, Chris Schoenherr, Pam Gilbert, Nathan Gilbert, Sarah Gilbert, Kathryn Hoder, Ellie Hart, Melissa Walti, Jack Walti, Elaine Mogor, Erin Mote, Jan Chindlund, Owen Eldersveld, Katie Hillemeyer, Michelle Mote, Nancy Cavanaugh, Chalee Cavanaugh, Samantha May, Susan Buck, Tessa Kochert, Grace Chibucos and Liz Merrell.

A special thank you to Gail Chibucos and Pampered Chef for donating the boxes; to Carol Fiene for designing our craft projects; to Tia Anders and Amelia Mickley for all their work on creating the Brain Break activities and service projects; and to all of you who were prayer partners this year and who prayed for VBS this past week. We couldn’t have done it without you all! Thank you so much!

Jen Chibucos, David Profitt, and the VBS Leadership Team