Wednesday Notes

Church Family,

A little over 20 years ago, when I sensed the Lord leading me not to law school as I had planned but to seminary, I had a conversation with a pastor at my home church. This Pastor Gorham had been a member of the church staff for decades; still a Young Life Director at heart, he was wise, he was fun, and he loved Jesus.

After I shared at length with him about what was happening in my life and my sense of God’s leading, Pastor Gorham looked at me and smiled. “Chris,” he said, “I am confident that you will do well at seminary.  If I were to give you one piece of encouragement as you begin this new phase of life it would be to keep your nose in the Book and keep the line of communication open with God.”

This fall at First Presbyterian Church we have been studying the topic of prayer as we make our way down the home stretch with The One Year Bible. The Apostle Paul prays a series of prayers from the church in his New Testament letters, and this past Sunday we studied Paul’s prayer for the church in Colossians 1.  Paul prays that we would live lives that are truly worthy of the Lord and be fruitful in doing God’s will. If you missed the sermon on Sunday you can listen to it here.

The center of Paul’s prayer for the church is that we would grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord’s desires for our lives. Because Paul loves the church, and as their pastor, Paul prays for that they (and we) would mature to a place where they truly understand God’s greatest desires for them and that they would so order their lives that they would be fruitful in pursuing the work that God has for them.

Paul’s prayer for the church reminds me of the counsel I received from that wise, old pastor years ago. “Keep your nose in the Book and keep the line of communication open with God.” As we do those things, I pray with Paul that we would come more and more to understand God’s heart for us and for the world, and that this understanding would profoundly impact the way that we live out our faith each day.

Grateful to be praying and growing alongside you,

Chris Griggs
Senior Pastor