Congratulations! We rejoice with you on your approaching marriage.

Wedding services at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn are extensions of the pastoral ministry of the congregation, rather than a facility rental circumstance. Our mission as a congregation is best fulfilled when we are able to be present in the lives of individuals and couples in meaningful ways that help them grow in faith and be faithful participants in Christ’s church. Accordingly, we will be looking to partner in weddings with couples who are a part of the community of faith at First Presbyterian Church or of another Christian community, or who are in the process of becoming so. Our deepest hope is that wedding ceremonies would be a catalyst for spiritual growth and for the development of a long-term connection with a community of faith that supports the couple, not only in their wedding event, but also in their marriage.

If you are looking for a congregation, a community in which to grow, to serve and to worship; and to give and receive love and forgiveness, we would love to talk with you. Our prayer would be that this community could join you in the pathway of Christian discipleship, with your marriage being a big part of that journey. Contact the church office at 630-469-2007.

Read the Wedding Booklet here for more information.

Wedding Preparation
Couple’s Checklist
Requirements for Weddings at First Presbyterian Church
Scheduling a Wedding at First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church’s Marriage Preparation Process
First Presbyterian Facilities and Guidelines
Planning the Wedding Service at First Presbyterian Church
Floral Arrangements and Décor
Photography and Video Recording
Wedding Rehearsal
The Day of the Wedding
Checklist of Items to Be Done Prior to Leaving First Pres after Your Wedding

Would you like to partner with First Pres in your marriage?

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