Tuesday Notes

Church Family,

On October 27, 1775 King George III spoke before both houses of the British Parliament to discuss the growing rebellion in the American Colonies.  In his speech, the King urged Parliament to move quickly to end the revolt by dispatching troops to use against his own subjects.

Not surprising.  A king responds to the rebellion of his subjects by sending his soldiers with weapons to convince the rebels it would be in their best interest to change their behavior.  Sounds about like what you’d expect from a king doesn’t it?

On Sunday morning at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn we continued in our Christmas Sermon Series entitled, Grace Revealed a Big Picture Look at the Storyline of the Bible. In this series we are examining 5 subjects that are present right through the Bible, from beginning to end. What we will see in this series is that the incarnation of God in Jesus of Nazareth, the baby born in Bethlehem; the life, death and resurrection of this God-man, is the culmination of what God has been doing all through the storyline of the Bible.

This Sunday (you can listen to the sermon here) we looked at the Biblical theme of the Kingdom of God.  One of the things we saw is that God responds to our rebellion to his reign as King in a completely unexpected way.  Rather than crushing our insurgency with violence, God actually restores the Kingdom through his own sacrifice.

We have earned God’s wrath.  We have thrown off the shackles of God’s sovereign reign.  We have rebelled against the King of kings.  And yet, in the event of Christmas, the King himself comes to us, not to attack us and squish us under his royal thumb, but to reconcile us to himself by offering his royal blood as a ransom for our debts.

Now that is surprising.

Try and get your head around how much your Heavenly Father loves you.  I bet you will be challenged to get a handle on just how much the King of Kings thinks of you.

Basking alongside you in the Good News of Jesus Christ,

Chris Griggs
Senior Pastor