Tuesday Notes

Church Family,

On Sunday morning we began the largest possible sermon series (ok, maybe a bit of hyperbole, but stick with me).

Sometimes, when we read the Bible, we read the Bible looking for answers about a particular subject.  We ask the question, “What does the Bible say about sin, or what does the Bible say about God, or what does the Bible say about idolatry, or what does the Bible teach about money?” and then we gather and assemble all the Bible’s teaching about a particular subject and create a Biblical doctrine of that topic.

Other times, when we read the Bible, we focus on a particular passage.  We read a section of the scripture and we ask the question, “What does this passage of the Bible say, what does it mean, what does this particular passage of the Bible mean for me?” I would suggest that studying a particular passage of scripture is probably the most common way that we read the Bible, either in a Bible study or on a Sunday morning.

Both of those are very legitimate ways to approach the Bible, but in this sermon serieswe are going to read the Bible holistically as we read with the grain of the complete Biblical narrative, so to speak.  As we study five of the far-reaching themes of the Bible that are present all the way through the storyline form beginning to end, we will realize that the Gospel is the climax of every one of the major themes of the Bible.  The Gospel unifies and gives meaning to the core threads that run through the Old and New Testament.

This past Sunday morning we studied the Biblical theme of “Covenant” and we saw the breadth, length and width of the concept of covenant throughout the biblical narrative. If you missed the sermon on Sunday, you can listen to it here.

One of the clear implications of the New Covenant, prophesied in the book of Jeremiah and initiated in Jesus Christ, is that that there is no thing you can do, no mistake you can make, no doubt you can have, no addiction that could overwhelm your life, nor any circumstance in this world that could make God abandon you.  If you have received by faith in Jesus Christ the work of God on your behalf, there is no thing that could ever separate you from God.

So receive the Good News of the New Covenant, sealed in Christ’s blood: In Jesus Christ, you and I are forgiven!

Amen and amen!

Chris Griggs
Senior Pastor