Tuesday Notes

Church Family,

This past Sunday we finished up the summer sermon series “When Crisis Meets Opportunity.”  For several weeks we explored various people of the Bible who encountered what was perceived as a crisis, and how with God’s love, dedication and commitment, they overcame the crisis and became stronger and stronger in faith!  As a nation we have also experienced this in a different way – the devastation in southeast Texas from Hurricane Harvey has created yes, a crisis. The opportunity has come for people throughout our nation to assist in recovery, most especially from individuals in the area surrounding the flood.  Many news outlets are featuring the kindness, love and outpouring of aid now reaching that area – from truckloads of supplies to hands-on workers providing manpower.

Pastor Jonathan profiled the story of Job this week. As Job wrestles with his faith, he is reminded again and again to stay strong.  With some amazing visual slides this past week, Jonathan brought perspective and humor to this difficult story.  If you missed this past week’s sermon, you can listen to it here.

Why do I bring up this theme of “crisis and opportunity?”  This past winter/spring I personally wrestled with what I felt then was a small “crisis.”  Through our early enrollment process here at Westminster Preschool, we quickly filled our available enrollment for three-year-olds with church members, siblings and alumni siblings.  At that time we would not have been able to accept any families new to Westminster in this age group.  Believe me, I wrestled with this, obsessed with what to do, lacking sleep and “worrying.”

I initially could not come up with a solution.  After putting it to prayer and speaking with our church leadership team, the answer became clear.  Open a new classroom and invite many more to experience not only Westminster Preschool but also the love of the kingdom here at First Presbyterian Church.  While, at times, it felt like a daunting task; ordering furniture, getting the room painted, hiring teachers and more. The reality was incredible support from fellow staff members, the Session, Properties Team, and individual congregation members. It was monumental to experience God’s plan for this ministry firsthand and share it with others.  Many individuals in our congregation responded quickly to our request for financial advice, handyman help, sewing curtains, toy donations, puzzles, games and more.  The “crisis” has been averted and the blessings abundant realized.  God has been faithful and will continue to be in this process.

So, as we begin this new school year on this very Tuesday, we ask you to pray for the:

  • Westminster Preschool ministry which has welcomed the Glen Ellyn and surrounding community for over sixty years.
  • children and families integrating with us in our very welcoming (and newly air conditioned) facility, for them to feel the love of our congregation, and to know and seek this as their second home.
  • nineteen member teaching staff and two administrators to provide a strong faithful start to the early learning experience for the two hundred and forty “littles” who walk through our doors each week.
  • continued vision and next steps here at Westminster, as the program will need to evolve and grow again next year with the addition of the age three class that just opened.

Grateful to be a part of the team at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn,

Sue Clary
Westminster Preschool Director