Care & Counseling

Our various ministries are designed to offer the love and care of Christ through support, wisdom, and counsel.

First Pres College Care nurtures the physical and spiritual well-being of our college students who are away from home. We send small care packages containing school supplies, snacks, toys, and a devotional twice in the fall and twice in the spring to each student’s campus address. To sign your student up, please let us know your student’s name, college or university, and campus address. Also, if your child has any friends who were active at First Pres but whose parents may not see this, please send us their campus addresses, too. We want all our kids to know we love them and are thinking about them.

The Deacons of the church serve to support the fellowship and nurture of the people of God. They organize fellowship events, provide meals and rides to persons in need, sponsor special events for the community, and offer special care to members of the congregation during times of illness or difficulty. The Deacons administer the Barnabus Fund. The Deacons have a pastoral ministry of visitation. Deacons serve Extended Communion to homebound members.

Grief Group – All people experience loss during their lives, yet each person experiences loss in a way that is unique to them. Experiencing grief is hard work – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Each week in the group, you will learn about the process of grief and you will be encouraged.

Prayer – There are many times in our lives when we are in need of prayer. Friends and family members can also be in need of prayer support. At First Presbyterian, you can ask for prayer support for yourself or for friends and family.

Spiritual Direction Team – Have you ever longed for a deeper sense of God’s presence in your life? Or, wanted to grow in your experience of prayer? Or, you have questions about what you believe? Consider meeting with a spiritual director to see how God is at work in your life. Through conversation, prayer and silence, you and your spiritual director seek to see the direction God is leading you in terms of daily life and in making life-giving choices.

If you would like to be part of the next Grief Group, please contact Jonathan Hancock, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care.

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