Missions Spotlight: Celebrating Expanding Spaces at Kids Alive Ministry

A few years ago, First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn received a bequest from the estate of Art Feid. Since missions are a priority here and the elders saw an excellent opportunity to put that bequest to work, the elders allocated $200,000 toward mission work. This funding has enabled us to deepen our relationship with our missions partners. We want to share the impact of the capital funding that has been distributed so far. Today, we’d like to focus on Kids Alive and their new classroom space.

The Kids Alive Constanza campus serves at risk children from the local community. It offers permanent shelter, food and education for about 50 abandoned or orphaned children, and a school that provides private, Christian education to close to 300 children from the area.  Each of these children have a genuine opportunity to break from material and spiritual poverty that have been haunting his or her family for generations.

We designated capital funding from the Feid bequest to partially fund an increase to classroom space and multipurpose space allowing the ministry to serve an additional 100 children—up to 400 from the 300 they serve today.

In addition to providing funds, several members sponsor children at Kids Alive, and each year we send several members on mission trips to Constanza. In 2016, more than a 100 members of our congregation either sponsor a child or have participated in mission trips to the Dominican Republic.

Are you interested in going on a mission trip with us? Contact us today.

First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn is proud to support missions internationally, nationally, and locally through mission trips and volunteering, giving, and prayer. As a church, in 2016 and 2017 we supported around 25 different missions. Learn more. If you have any questions about Missions at First Pres, contact Mission Elders Doug Rundell (dnrundell@yahoo.com) or Finney Gilbert (finney.d.gilbert@gmail.com).